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Polyanthus & Primula

We grow a range of Polyanthus and Primula such as the Stiletto & Euro ranges. 

Primula characteristics

  • Low growing compact plants.
  • Good weather resistance, tough & hardy.
  • Suitable for exposed beds, baskets & pots.
  • Single flower per stem.
  • Many flowering stems are produced over the spring.

Polyanthus characteristics

  • Taller than primula.
  • Multi-flowered stems.
  • Better in sheltered positions.
  • Adds height to baskets & pots.

How to guide and information for growing Polyanthus & Primula:

It is best to clean out your pots from the compost that has been used for summer bedding, or at least treat them for vine weevil.  Primula roots are a favourite food for vine weevil larvae, and eggs are laid from May to September!

Eggs laid through the summer months will mature into the larvae which will feed on your roots and instead of springing into growth as the days get longer the plants will eventually collapse (along with morale).

Changing your compost in autumn will avoid this problem.

polys & prims
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