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Fruit & Veg (& Herb) Plants

Wide range of fruit and vegetable plants available at Mount Folly!

We find it very satisfying growing stuff to eat!  Nothing quite like home grown organic food.  Good for body, mind and pocket! See below the following fruit, vegetable and herb plants that we plan to grow for this year.

£1.59 each or 6 for £9.00
Please phone to enquire for availability of a certain variety.

Fruit & Vegetable Plants

ArtichokeGreen GlobeThe standard green-headed variety. Attractive large blue thistle-like flower heads if left unharvested which attracts bees.
AubergineBlack BeautyBroad deep purple fruits tastes great in a variety of dishes.
BeetrootBostonAn excellent improved boltardy selection. The round roots have a smooth skin and good internal colour and texture.
Broad BeanMasterpiece Green LongpodApproximately 5-8 beans per pod. Good flavour. Suitable for freezing.
Brussell SproutTrafalgarProduces lots of medium sized, sweet & crunchy sprouts without a bitter taste. Mid-season variety.
CabbageEarlyA popular variety producing dark green, conical heads with excellent flavour.
CabbageKalibosPointed cabbage variety with distinctive red leaves. Best used raw as a salad cabbage.
Calabrese (Broccoli)MarathonSmall evenly sized buds with good bud colour. Tolerant of downy mildew.
CarrotEarly NantesEarly type, virtually coreless with good texture, colour and flavour.
Cauliflower AmazingA well maintained open pollinated variety producing a good yield of first class curds during summer and early autumn.
CeleryF1 VictoriaBolt resistant variety. Prodces long, crisp, lightly ribbed stalks.
Courgette F1 MidnightEasy to grow, spineless plant produced dark green glossy fruit.
CucumberPeticueA short vining/bush slicing variety bred to stay compact. Plants mature in 45 days. Pick fruit at 18-23cm in length for best tasting crunchy sweet cues. Regular harvest increases yield.
French Bean (Climbing)HunterWhite seeded flat podded variety suited to early and maincrop production. A high-yielding variety with pods 25cm x 20mm suited to protected and outdoor production.
French Bean (Dwarf)StanleyA white flowering white seeded variety that reliably delivers impressive yields of top quality beans. Medium green pods which are 14cm x 10mm in size.
Hot PepperBasket Of FireA compact semi-trailing plant that produces a prolific crop of small, hot fruits. The fruits mature from deep purple to cream, to orange then red at maturity.
Hot PepperCayenettaProlific crops of long thin shaped cayenne peppers with a mildly spicy flavour.
Hot PepperChiang RaiThe fruit grows up to 6″ long and mature more rapidly than many other hot peppers of this type.
Hot PepperOrange SpiceFruits start green and then ripen to a glorious orange colour with an extremely hot spice rating.
Hot PepperScotch Bonnet RedPopular habanero type pepper which measures 2.5-4cm long and 2.5-3cm wide. Matures from green to red. Very hot with strong pungency.
Kohl RabiBallotEarly maturing purple variety with round shaped stems and good quality, delicate flesh. Resistant to bolting, stem splitting and lignification.
Leek MusselburgA popular member of the onion family which is delicately flavoured and easy to grow at home. Ideal for many culinary dishes.
LettuceIceburgHigh quality medium sized iceburg lettuce with crunchy texture.
LettuceLittle GemQuick to mature with small compact crisp hearts. Deliciously sweet and tasty.
LettuceLollo RossoCompact excellently flavoured non hearting lettuce, with a rosette of red edged frilled leaves.
MarrowTiger CrossStriped green bush type hybrid. Early to crop & resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.
OnionAilsa CraigPale straw-coloured skin with fairly large globe shaped bulbs.
OnionRedA good quality red onion with nice skin colour and texture. Thick necked, globe to semi-globe shape.
Onion (Spring)White LisbonStandard variety for bulbing salad onions, which bulks up relatively quickly. Medium green foliage.
ParsnipGladiatorMarket standard variety. Extremely high marketable yield of large roots with very good canker resistance. Roots have a shallow crown to reduce wastage.
PeaOnwardHigh yielding variety, with large peas. 6-8 peas per pod. Height around 60cm.
PumpkinF1 MarsProduces high yields of rounded pumpkins with orange flesh and skin.
RadishCherry BelleStandard round globe variety.
RhubarbVictoriaThis is a slightly green rhubarb, with an excellent rich tart flavour.
Runner BeanLady DiEarly stringless type, producing high quality pods of medium green colour, around 30cm in length. Red flowers.
Runner BeanScarlet EmperorA red flowered variety, pod dimensons 30 x 2.5cm medium green colour. Can also be used as a ground bean.
SpinachNapaA standard variety of spinach.
Squash (Winter)F1 Butternut HunterHardy fast growing squash with sweet orange flesh.
Strawberries Cherry BlossomDouble cherry pink flowers contrasting well with the sweet bright red strawberries.
SweetcornMinipopNormal sugar type. Very tender pericarp makes this an ideal variety for mini sweetcorn. Best harvested when cobs are approximately 10cm in length. Produces 5-6 cobs per plant, and does not require pollination to produce cobs.
SweetcornPot Of GoldA dwarf variety reaching only 1.5m tall, making it a perfect choice for exposed sites or growing in large containers.
Sweet PepperBellboyA delicious mild-flavoured fruit which has many culinary uses and is very easy to grow at home.
Sweet PepperRedskinA true dwarf bell pepper, ideal for growing in pots and containers. Very early fruiting, with an excellent yield of medium sized fruits which turn red.
Sweet Pepper Snack OrangeSnack pepper has unique eye-catching variegated foliage growing orange snack sized peppers.
Sweet Pepper Snack RedSnack pepper has unique eye-catching variegated foliage growing red snack sized peppers.
TomatoGardeners DelightA heavy cropping cherry tomato. Lovely juicy red fruits with an excellent tangy flavour.
TomatoMoneymakerMedium sized, heavy cropper.
TomatoNaginaExcellent crops of small plum tomatoes averaging 65g each of excellent flavour, perfect for both in salads and cooking.
TomatoSupersteakSupersteak is a favourite among giant tomatoes. Smooth skin and a meaty texture makes this variety perfect for slicing on sandwiches. Produces fruits as large as 2lbs.
TomatoTumbling Tom RedA high yielding variety with rich red small fruits with an excellent flavour. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers.
TomatoTumbling Tom YellowA high yielding variety with golden yellow small fruits with an excellent flavour. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers.
WatermelonChampagneExcellent ice box watermelon, with fine crispy flesh and sweet flavour. Externally the melon is green with pale white stripes. Fruit is small to medium sized, deep globe shape. Weight typically 2.5-3.5kg.


BalmLemonOften called lemon balm. Used for medicinal purposes, seasoning and for flavouring fruit cordials. Perennial.
BasilBushDwarf growing small leaved variety with leaves roughly half the size of sweet basil. used chiefly for seasoning.
BasilCinnamonVigorous plant with distinct flavour and a strong cinnamon aroma. Used for sweet spicy flavouring.
Basil LemonAttractive lemon-scented plant with medium sized foliage and pink flowers.
BasilPurple RufflesFragrant and dramatic garden subject. Large leaves, heavily fringed and ruffled, dark purple almost black in colour.
BasilSiam QueenGreen basil leaves with deep purple-red stems with an intense liquorce fragrance. Excellent for seasoning and salads.
BasilSweetLarge shiny green leaves. Used for flavouring soups and fruit preserves.
ChamomileDelicate apple-like scent with dainty daisy like flowers. Widely used for calming herbal teas and skin treatments and to aid digestion. Perennial.
ChervilCurledFine cut dark green leaves. Used for flavouring salads and stuffings.
ChivesDecorative herb with pretty pink flowers and slim grass-like leaves which have a mild onion flavour, used for salads and soups. Perennial.
ChivesGarlicPleasant mild garlic flavour. Small white flowers which are also edible. Leaves are broader than normal chives. Perennial.
CorianderA delicate aromatic flavour makes this herb a commonly used flavouring for salads and soups, often used as a garnish.
CuminGrass like leaves with small white flowers. Aromatic seeds that can be used for flavouring.
DillFeather-like leaves with a soft aroma and taste. Commonly used in pickling, salads and fish dishes.
FennelBronzeSimilar to common fennel but with dark foliage. Perennial.
FennelCommonLiquorice flavoured leaves and seeds. Used in mediterranean cuisine and natural remedies for digestive issues. Perennial.
Hyssop BlueAromatic bushy plant with small leaves and blue flowers. Beekeepers plant, with strong rather bitter flavour. Perennial.
LovageYellow flowers with dark leaves used for flavouring vegetable stews and root vegetables. Perennial.
MintGreenSimilar to spearmint, this mint has dark green roughly oval shaped leaves with serrated margains. Used for cooking. Perennial.
ParsleyMoss CurledPopular herb with bright green, deeply divided leaves used mainly as a culinary flavouring or garnish.
SageAn evergreen subshrub with grey to soft green fragrant foliage and small spikes of lilac-blue flowers. Used extensively for seasoning. Perennial.
TarragonRussianNot to be confused with French tarragon. Leaves have a strong and sweet anise flavour. Leaves are used in salads and sauces for seasoning, especially popular for fish dishes. Also used for flavouring vinegar. Perennial.
ThymeEnglish WinterAlso known as common or garden thyme. Used extensively for seasoning and stuffings. Perennial.
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