Fruit & Veg (& Herb) Plants

Wide range of fruit and vegetable plants available at Mount Folly!

We find it very satisfying growing stuff to eat!  Nothing quite like home grown organic food.  Good for body, mind and pocket!  Please view below the following fruit, vegetable and herb plants availability for this year:

£1.59 each or 6 for £9.00


Fruit & Vegetable Plants

ArtichokeGreen GlobeThe standard green-headed variety, reaching up to 170cm in height. Attractive large blue thistle-like flower heads if allowed to flower.
ArtichokeViolet De ProvenceA purple globe variety, similar to green globe in habit, but with a finer flavour, and attractive large purple thistle-like flower heads.
AubergineF1 MoneymakerStandard shaped dark fruits averaging 100g in weight. Early maturing.
BeetrootBoltardyRound roots with good internal colouring. Good resisting to bolting.
Broad BeanMasterpiece Green LongpodApproximately 5-8 beans per pod. Good flavour. Suitable for freezing.
Brussels SproutsF1 BosworthAutumn to Christmas production. Sweet flavour.
CabbageBrunswickA ‘cattle’ type cabbage, producing very large, solid heads.
CabbageKalibroNice round head with good internal structure. Head weight 2-3kg.
CabbageKalibosPointed cabbage with distinctive red leaves .Best used raw as a salad cabbage.
Calibrese (Broccoli)F1 MarathonSmall evenly sized buds with good colour. Tolerant of downy mildew. Matures in 75-95 days.
CarrotEarly NantesEarly type, virtually coreless with good texture, colour and flavour.
CauliflowerF1 Freedom70-80 days to harvest. Excellent Variety.
CourgetteF1 AmbassadorStandard courgette variety. Quick maturing cylindrical fruits.
CucumberF1 Burpless TastyA favourite variety for outdoor production. Dark green 18-20 fruits.
Dwarf French BeanTendergreenPencil podded, brown seeded, dark green pods. Standard dwarf bean variety.
Hot PepperCayenne RedA hot pungent pepper with long thin fruits maturing from green to red.
Hot PepperPot BlackCompact chilli variety, ideal for container growing. Fantastic black leaves and profusion of purple flowers. Small edible fruits typically 3-4cm length.
Hot PepperRed AirUpright pointing vibrant red fruits. Each fruit typically 6.5cm long. Medium heat.
Hot PepperRockyJalapeno variety with long, slightly tapered fruits that mature green to red. Fruits are typically 7-9cm length. Hot, pungent flavour.
Hot PepperSantanaAnaheim type that matures from mid-green to deep red in colour. Mild flavour when green but very hot when mature. Fruit typically 16-18cm length.
Kohl RabiF1 BallotEarly maturing purple variety with round shaped stems and good quality, delicate flesh. Resistant to bolting, stem splitting and lignification.
LeekZermattEarly swiss giant variety with long shaft and erect foliage.
LettuceIceburgSummer heading variety with large white hearts and red tinged pale green outer leaves.
LettuceSimphonyExcellent colour and texture, nice bubbled leaf.
MarrowF1 Tiger CrossStriped green bush hybrid.
MelonF1 GaliaA very uniform round fruit. Salmon coloured flesh is firm with good flavour. Typical size is 0.8kg-1.2kg.
Onion (Spring)White LisbonStandard variety for bulbing salad onions. Medium green foliage.
OnionRed BaronA good quality red onion. Nice skin colour and texture. Thick necked, globe to semi-globe shape.
OnionToughballHigh yielding, medium early variety, producing good quality, globe shaped bulbs.
ParsnipGladiatorMarket standard variety. Extremely high marketable yield of large roots. Roots have a shallow crown to reduce wastage.
PeaOnwardHigh yielding variety, with large peas. 6-8 peas per pod. Height around 60cm.
PumpkinF1 GladiatorPopular variety that typically produces fruits 9-14kg. Excellent deep orange colour. Vigorous variety.
RadishCherry BelleStandard round globe variety.
Runner BeanLady DiEarly stringless type, producing high quality pods of medium green colour, around 30cm in length. Red flowers.
Runner BeanScarlet EmperorProduces smooth, narrow, stringless pods, which typically measure 30×2.5cm.
SpinachF1 HarpOriental spinach with attractive serrated leaves. Thick leaves with a smooth leaf surface and dark green colour. Excellent flavour. Upright growth.
Squash (Summer)MoonbeamA range of excellent hybrid pie-shaped patty pan, with scallop edged fruits. Good flavour and texture. Pale green to white skin, with pale green flesh.
Squash (Winter)F1 HunterProduces 6-7 fruits, each weighing around 1kg. Light tan colour with bright orange flesh and sweet taste.
SweetcornEarlikingEarly season variety producing strong, stocky plants.
SweetcornMinipopNormal sugar type. Produces 5-6 cobs per plant. Very tender pericarp makes this an ideal variety for mini sweetcorn.
Sweet PepperBejaA high yielding variety that produces long, triangular shaped fruits that change from light green to red when maturing. Fruits are pendulous and thick walled.
Sweet PepperRedskinA true dwarf bell pepper, ideal for growing in pots and containers. Very early fruiting, with an excellent yield of medium sized fruits which turn red.
TomatoGardener’s DelightOld variety but still popular as ever. Numerous small fruits have a fine tangy flavour. Cherry tomato.
TomatoMoneymakerMedium sized, heavy cropper.
WatermelonChampagneExcellent ice box watermelon, with fine, crispy flesh and sweet flavour. Externally the melon is green with pale white stripes.


BalmLemonPerennial. Often called lemon balm. Used for medicinal purposes, seasoning and for flavouring fruit cordials. Height 40-60cm.
BasilBushAnnual. Dwarf growing, height of around 40-60cm. Small leaved variety with leaves roughly half the size of sweet basil. used chiefly for seasoning.
BasilCinnamonAnnual. Vigorous plant with distinct flavour and a strong cinnamon aroma. Used for sweet spicy flavouring. Height 30-40cm.
BasilGreekAnnual. Compact strain with tiny leaves. Height 25-30cm. Used for flavouring.
BasilLemonAnnual. Attractive lemon-scented plant with medium sized foliage and pink flowers.
BasilPurple RufflesAnnual. Fragrant and dramatic garden subject. Large leaves, heavily fringed and ruffled, dark purple almost black in colour. Height 35-45cm.
BasilSweetAnnual. Large shiny green leaves, height around 35-40cm. Used for flavouring soups and fruit preserves.
ChamomilePerennial. Single daisy-like flowers, sweet smelling foliage. Used for ground cover. Height 15-30cm.
ChervilCurledAnnual. Fine cut dark green leaves. Height 20-40cm. Used for flavouring salads and stuffings.
ChivesPerennial. Onion flavoured foliage, used for salads and soups. Height 25-35cm.
ChivesGarlicPerennial. Pleasant mild garlic flavour. Small white flowers which are also edible. Leaves are approximately 40cm high and broader than normal chives.
CorianderAnnual. Long established popular herb. Used chiefly in soups in confectionery. Height 30-50cm.
CuminAnnual. Grass like leaves with small white flowers. Aromatic seeds that can be used for flavouring. Height 15-25cm.
DillAnnual. Dark green foliage. Used as a condiment and in pickling. Height 90cm.
FennelBronzePerennial. Similar to common fennel but with dark foliage.
FennelCommonPerennial. Erect growing plant with dark green foliage. Fern-like leaves of aniseed flavour used for flavouring. Height 60-120cm.
HyssopBluePerennial. Aromatic bushy plant with small leaves and blue flowers. Beekeepers plant, with strong rather bitter flavour. Height 55cm.
LovagePerennial. Yellow flowers with dark leaves used for flavouring vegetable stews and root vegetables. Height 150-200cm.
SagePerennial. Grey-green shrub with oval leaves and purple flowers. Well known herb used extensively for seasoning. Height 30-60cm.
TarragonRussianPerennial. Not to be confused with French tarragon. Leaves have a strong and sweet anise flavour. Leaves are used in salads and sauces for seasoning, especially popular for fish dishes. Also used for flavouring vinegar.
ThymeEnglish WinterPerennial. Also known as common or garden thyme. Used extensively for seasoning and stuffings.
ThymePurple CreepingPerennial. Creeping habit, forming matts. Attractive purple flowers, used for both ornamental and culinary applications. Height 10cm.