Fruit & Veg (& Herb) Plants

Wide range of fruit and vegetable plants available at Mount Folly!

We find it very satisfying growing stuff to eat!  Nothing quite like home grown organic food.  Good for body, mind and pocket!  Please view below the following fruit, vegetable and herb plants availability for this year:

£1.49 each or 10 for £14

This Year’s Fruit & Vegetable Plants

AubergineF1 MoneymakerStandard shaped dark fruits avg 100g in weight.Early
BeetrootDetroit 2 Crimson GlobeGlobe shaped roots with good internal colour
Broad BeanImperial Green LongpodAprox 5-8 beans per pod.Good flavour.Suitable for freezing
Brussels SproutsF1 BosworthAutumn to christmas production.Sweet flavour
CabbageF1 DuchyAttractive colour & good flavour
CabbageKalibosPointed cabbage with red leaves.Best used raw as a salad cabbage
Calibrese (Broccoli)F1 MarathonSmall evenly sized buds with good colour>Tolerant of downy mildew.Matures in 75-95 days
CarrotF1 EskimoGood colour & excellent flavour
CauliflowerF1 Freedom70-80 days to harvest.Excellent Variety
CourgetteF1 AmbassadorQuick maturing cylindrical fruits.Excellent taste
CucumberF1 Burpless TastyA favourite variety for outdoor production.Dark green medium to long fruits
CucumberF1 LouisaAll Female producing a high yield dark green bitter-free fruits 35cm long
Dwarf French BeanMontanoWhite seeded pencil podded type.Pods 15cmx20mm
Hot PepperCayenne RedA hot pungent pepper with long thin fruitsmaturing from green to red
Hot PepperScotch Bonnet OrangeHabanero type which measures approx 4cm long & 2cm wide.Very hot with strong pungency.Matures from green to orange
Hot PepperScotch Bonnet RedHabanero type which measures approx 4cm long & 2cm wide.Very hot with strong pungency.Matures from green to Red
Hot PepperScotch Bonnet YellowHabanero type which measures approx 4cm long & 2cm wide.Very hot with strong pungency.Matures from green to yellow
LeekToledoHigh quality long length shafts with dark blue-green erect foliage.Good winter hardness
LettuceGreen Salad BowlLarge fast gwowing rosette with long deep cut leaves.Heat tolerant & slow to bolt
MarrowF1 Zebra CrossVery high yields with top quality fruits.Well marked stripes & good deep colour
MelonF1 GaliaA very uniform round fruit.Salmon coloured flesh is firm with good flavour
Onion (Spring)F1 GuardsmanVigorous & high yielding with medium green foliage.Tall & erect.Very good einter hardness
ParsnipTender & TrueLong rooted variety of high quality,showing good canker resistance
Pea, Petit PoisWaverexThe most popular petit pois.Produces a heavyy crop of tiny peas.Height 60cm
PumpkinF1 DependableProduces a good number of large,round slightly tall pumpkins.10-12kg in weight.Bright orange colour.Ideal for haloween lanterns
RadishJollyCherry belle type with strong foliage & intense red coloured roots
Runner BeanPickwickRed flowered dwarf.Ideal for patio containers.45-60cm.Stringless smooth straight pods 20cm in length
Runner BeanScarlet EmperorPods 30×2.5cm.Medium green colour
Squash (Winter)F1 HunterProduces 6-7 fruits weghing 1kg.Light tan colour with bright orange flesh & a sweet taste.One of the first varieties of butternut squash developed for the UK climate
SweetcornF1 EarligoldWell filled cobs on robust plants.Excellent taste.
TomatoGarderers DelightThe numerous small fruits have a tangy flavour.
TomatoMoneymakerMedium sized,heavy cropper

This Year’s Herbs

BasilSweet GenoveseAnnual Large shiny green leaves.35-40.Flavuring soups & fruir preserves
ChivesPotstarPerennial.Fast growing medium leaf.40cm
CuminAnnual.Grass like leaves.small white flowers.15-20cm.Aromatic seeds used for flavouring
DillDukatAnnual.Dark green foliage.80cm
FennelBronzePerennial.Fern like dark foliage.60-120cm.Aniseed Flavour
FennelCommonPerennial.Fern like dark green foliage.60-120cm.Aniseed flavour
SageBroad LeavedPerennial.Grey Green Oval leaves with Purple flowers.30-60cm.Used for seasoning
ThymusEnglish WinterPerennial.Used for seasoning & stuffing
ThymusPurple CreepingPerennial.Purple flowers.10cm.Used for ornamental culinary