Mount Folly Nurseries has 300+ varieties of perennial available this year.  Take a walk down our ‘Perennial Path’ and choose from our wonderful selection of fully hardened plants which have been growing outside for the past two winters, having seen temperatures of minus10ºc to minus12ºc.

In other words they are very strong plants and can be planted outside now !

These are mostly potted in 10cm (4″) pots @ £2.99 or 4 for £10.

Where appropriate larger growing varieties are in 1ltr – 3lt – 5ltr – 7.5lt pots and are priced between £3.99 – £9.99



Acanthus mollisDark green pinnate foliage,tall spikesof prickly white& mauveflowers120-150cm
Acanthus spinosusDeeply segmented,dark shinygreen leaves,impressive mauve spikes100cm
Agapanthus Headbourne hybridsA selection of blue shades60cm
Agapanthus white dwarf hybridsCompact with heads full of white flowers50cm
Ajuga Braun HertzBlue flowers.Brown-purple leaves10cm
Ajuga Burgundy GlowBlue flowers.Cream burgundy & rose tinted leaves10cm
Anaphalis triplinervisSoft grey leaves with white flowers45cm
Anaphalis triplinveris SommerschneeSilvery grey foliage,small bunched papery heads of white flowers25cm
Anchusa azurea Loddon RoyalistBright blue flowers90cm
Anemone hupehensis EugenieDeep pink,semi double flowers90cm
Anemone japonica Bressingham GlowRich deep pink semi double flowers45cm
Angelica archangelicaGreenish-white to cream unbels180cm
Angelica atropurpureaDark purple red stems.Handsome bi-binnate foliage emerging a rich claret-red maturing to red-veined green.White flowers150-180cm
Angelica gigasShowy beetroot red flowers on thick branched stems200cm
Aquilegia ‘Red Hobbit’Red & white flowers.Dwarf & compact25cm
Aquilegia canadensisRed sepels & yellow blades with prominent red spurs30cm
Aquilegia v. ‘William Guiness’Unusual dark purple-blaxk flowers with a white trumpet60cm
Arenaria Montana BlizzardMat-Forming with small linear to lance shaped min to grey-green leaves & rect stems bearing cup shaped white flowers with a yellow cemtre10cm
Armeria Armada RoseBright Rose pink ball shaped flowers.A compact mound dark green grassy foliage15-20cm
Aster Alma PotschkeLarge salmon tinged rose pink flowers100cm
Aster Harrington’s PinkClear rose-pink flowers120cm
Aster Purple DomeSmothered in vivid violet purple flowers.Compact75cm
Astilbe ‘Aphrodite’Slightlt drooping oval plumes of light reddish purple flowers50-60cm
Astilbe ‘Deutschland’White dense spikes60cm
Astilbe ‘Dusseldorf’Cerise-pink compact plumes60cm
Astilbe ‘Europa’Feathery plumes of soft pink flowers,divided deep green leaves60cm
Astilbe chinensis purple rainDense poker like rich violet-red plumes on bold dark green foliage60cm
Astilbe Peach blossomRose-Pink flowers on dark green foliage60cm
Astilbe Sister TeresaSalmon-Pink flowers on dark green lacy foliage60cm
Astilbe Visions in RedRusty maroon red flowers that are tinted with a faint rosy tone60cm
Campanula Blue ClipsCompact.Pure light blue flowers15cm
Coreopsis HeliotTight & compact.Single flowers yellow with a burgundy ring around the centre disk60cm
Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’A tall stately form with purple-bronze,deeply divided foliage & large single vivid red flowers85-90cm
Dahlia ‘David Howard’Burnt orange flowers with dark foliage90cm
Dahlia ‘Moonfire’Coppery yellow flowers with a red centre on bronze foliage60cm
Dahlia ‘Piper’s Pink’Intense pink with a solid pink centre.Semi cactus type30-40cm
Dahlia ‘Roxy’Attractive bronze-purple foliage contrasting well with hot cerise pink flowers40cm
Dahlia ‘Sarah’Dark leaves contrast with stunning bright red flowers60-70cm
Dahlia ‘Tally Ho’Purple-green foliage with flame red flowers,yellow stamens over a dark eye40cm
Dicentra EximiaProduces a carpet of beautiful ferny foliage with pink heart shaped flowers60cm
Dicentra spectabilis AlbaPure white lockets arching gracefully60cm
Dicentra Spectabilis PinkRose-pink to purple-pink with white heart shaped flowers in arching sprays60cm
Dicentra Spectabilis WhitePure white lockets arching gracefully60cm
Draba AizoidesSucculent evergreen tufts with yellow flowers5cm
Gaillardia ‘Dazzler’Golden yellow with a maroon centre.Attract butterflies60cm
Gaillardia ‘Kobold’Dwarf yellow & red.Attract butterflies35cm
Gaillardia BurgunderPure deep scarlet60cm
Gaillardia GoblinScarlet-red petals with sunny yellow tips.Attract butterflies60cm
Gaillardia PrimaveraCompact plants that become smothered in red & yellow flowers20-25cm
Gentiana SeptemfidaAbundant display of vibrant rich blue trumpet shaped flowers which are speckled purple-black up the middle of the petals & a creamy white centre.It has charming spear shaped mid-green leaves & stays very compact.40cm
Geranium ‘Alan Mayes’Violet blue flowers45-60cm
Geranium ‘Blue Cloud’Long flowering producing large,loose mound of divided leaves.Many pale blue starry flowers with blue-purple veins90cm
Geranium ‘Chantilly’Sage textured light green leaves.Vibrant mauve with a white centre radiating purple veins45cm
Geranium BallerinaWide bowl shaped pale pink flowers which look darker due to the heavy mauve-pink veining over the petals15cm
Geranium BiokovaMats of glossy evergreen foliage that turn a brilliant red in Autumn.White flowers tinged with pink30cm
Geranium c. ‘Kashmir Pink’Rosy pink flowers35-45cm
Geranium Crystal LakeLarge crystal blue flowers with dark veining50cm
Geranium Johnsons blueClassical mid-blue flowers,deeply cut foliage45cm
Geranium phaeumReflexed maroon purple flowers,lobed soft green leaves75cm
Geranium psilostemonBrilliant magenta flowers with a black centre100cm
Geranium Splish SplashClump forming of serrated & lobed leaves with subtle white flowers streaked with lavender blue75cm
Hemerocallis ‘Black Magic’Deep ruby mahogany with a yellow throat100cm
Hemerocallis ‘Buzz Bomb’Yellow throat radiating out into bright velvety red petals60cm
Hemerocallis ‘Cathy’s Sunset’Attractive yellow & terracotta bi-coloured flowers with compact growth60cm
Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Royal Crown’Soft plum-purplewith a deeper eye & yellow throat75cm
Hemerocallis ‘Custard Candy’Creamy yellow flower with a bold raspberry coloured eye,soft pink tones on the petals,green throat60cm
Hemerocallis ‘Georgette Belden’Red-purple with a darker eye & a green throat75cm
Hemerocallis ‘Lemon Bells’Lemon-yellow95cm
Hemerocallis ‘Little Red Hen’Bright -Red with a yellow throat65cm
Hemerocallis ‘Pretty Miss’Lightly ruffed edges,light peach intensifying in centre75cm
Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’Blue heart shaped leaves.Dark lavender flowers40cm
Hosta ‘Frances Williams’Puckered glaucous leaves with beige varigations.Mauve flowers75cm
Hosta ‘Gold Standard’Outstanding yellow rimmed with green,pale lavender flowers60cm
Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’Thick textured green-gold leaves,lavender flowers.Slug resistant75cm
Hosta ‘Wide Brim’Ribbed blue-green leaves with wide creamy-white margins.Lavender flowers60cm
Hosta f. aureomarginataLilac flowers.Golden edged leaves75cm
Iris ‘Amber Queen’Primrose yellow.(Dwarf Bearded)20cm
Iris ‘Blue RhythmUniform cornflower blue with an orangr tipped beard (Tall bearded)100cm
Iris ‘Deep Black’Delicate scent.Deepest,richest velvety indigo (Tall bearded)90cm
Iris ‘Frost and Flame’Fresh fruity scent.Large elegant pure white flowerscontrasting orange beard (Tall bearded)105cm
Iris ‘Green SpotWhite waxy flowers with green spots (Dwarf Bearded)25-30cm
Iris ‘Lemon Ice’Creamy yellow merging with a white centre,yellow beard (Tall bearded)60cm
Iris ‘Orange Caper’ (dwarf)Golden yellow with an orange beard (Dwarf bearded)25cm
Iris ‘Quechee’Rich orange chocolate scent.Large open flowers.Velvet burgundy garnet flowers (Tall bearded)75cm
Iris ‘Saint Crispin’Real perfume scent.Golden yellowwith a bright orange beard (Tall bearded)70cm
Iris ‘Tinkerbell’ (dwarf)Mid to pale blue flowerswith a darker centre (Dwarf bearded)23-30cm
Iris ‘Top Flight’Large & impressive ruffled apricot flowers& a bright orange beard (Tall bearded)75cm
Iris sib. ‘Dreaming Yellow’White standards,pale cream falls,yellow at centre80cm
Iris sib. ‘Tropic Night’Many mid blue-purple flowers with attractive veining100cm
Jasoine Perennis Blue LightSmall scabiosa like mid blue flower balls45cm
Lavender HidcoteDense silver-grey foliage covered in fragrant blue flowers60cm
Lavender Lavender LadyDwarf compact plants with spikes of soft blue flowers25cm
Lavender Munstead DwarfGrey-green spiky leaves & blue flowers.Lovly fragrance40cm
Lavender Stoches PapillonFragrant dark purple flowers topped by purple flags.Aromatic grey-green leaves60cm
Lavender Stoechas (French)Pale-purple/Dark purple in spring & summer changing to Dark purple/Pale purple in the Autumn.Grey green foliage90cm
Lillium Crimson PixieDwarf Asiatic lilly.Large open vivid-red to orange-red blooms30-40cm
Lillium Garden PartyDark green leaves.Larege fragrant outward facing white flowers with gold & red stripes in the centre of each petal45cm
Lillium Lemon PixieDwarf Asiatic lilly.Flowers are Lemon-yellow with red speckling at the centre30-40cm
Lillium LollipopBowl shaped flowers with cranberry-red tips blending to white at the centre.Asiatic lilly60cm
Lillium Mona LisaUpright leafy stems.Pink flushed white funnel shaped flowers with darker pink freckles60cm
Lillium Orange PixieDwarf Asiatic lilly.Flowers are golden-orange with maroon speckling at the centre30-40cm
Lobelia cardinalis. ‘Queen Victoria’Scarlet flowers.Dark purple-red foliage75cm
Lupin ChandelierLong flower spikes in shades of soft yellow to cream100cm
Lupin My CastleLong brick red flower spikes100cm
Lupin Noble MaidenLong white flower spikes100cm
Lupin The ChatelaineLong rose-pink flower spikes100cm
Lupin The GovenorLong blue & white flower spikes100cm
Oenothera MissouriensisCanary yellow mildly fragrant 3″ wide flowers over dark green lanceolate leaves20-30cm
Omphaloides Starry EyesStunning starry,white edged blue flowers15cm
Paeony Felix CrousseDark green leaves & double pink/red flowers with darker cemtres.Fragrant60-90cm
Paeony Kelways GloriousMasses of fragrant double white flowers with a creamy-yellow centre100cm
Paeony Sarah BurnhardtFragrant fully double apple-blossom pink flowers fading where exposed in the sun but deep pink in the depths95cm
Papaver nudicaule. ‘Solar Fire Orange’Eye catching bright orange flowers50cm
Papaver orientale ‘Allegro’Large bright orange-scarlet flowers60cm
Papaver orientale ‘Charming’Soft candyfloss pink flower with a basel maroon blotch90cm
Papaver orientale ‘Forncett Summer’Frilled salmon pink flowers,deep maroon blotch70cm
Papaver orientale ‘Picotee’Ruffled white petals edged with salmon red.Purple-black stamens60cm
Papaver Orientale Beauty of LivermereSingle blood red flowers with a black blotch100cm
Papaver String Fever MixCompact Iceland poppy.Bushy green leaf with a mixture of yellow,white red,orange & scarlet flowers25cm
Phlox carolina ‘Bill Baker’Spreading stems& masses of deep pink flowerswith a paler centre50cm
Phlox carolina ‘Miss Lingard’Spires of scented dazzling pure white flowers with a yellow eye,purple spotted stems & glossy leaves65cm
Phlox divaricata Blue PerfumeFragrant lilac-blue flowers with hairy bright green leaves35cm
Phlox Graf ZepplinLeaves are narrow & toothed Fragrant white flowers90cm
Phlox NatashaLilac-pink flower with white markings90cm
Phlox paniculata ‘Little Laura’Violet-blue flowers with a whie eye60-70cm
Phlox paniculata AmethystFragrant trusses of violet flowers on tall stems with bright green narrow leaves120cm
Phlox paniculata LauraCompact with lanced shaped leaves & panicles of fragrant pink flowers80cm
Phlox Peppermint TwistLarge clusters of pink & white striped flowers40cm
Platycoden Astra BlueViolet-blue bell shaped flowers contrast nicely with its slightly blue-green foliage25cm
Rudbeckia GoldstrumCompact .Deep yellow with a black centre75cm
Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Chile Black’Maroon pincushion flowers50cm
Thyme AureusA varigation form of Lemon Thyme with golden edged leaves.Delightful lemon scent10cm
Thyme Doone ValleyLavender-Pink flowers opening from crimson buds & fragrant olive grren leaves with yellow spots15cm
Thyme Lemon KingLemon scent15cm
Thyme PraecoxA strong scent similer to oregano.Grey-Green foliage with lavender-pink flowers10cm
Thyme Silver QueenAttractive cream varigated or silvery-white oval leaves & delightful pale pink flowers10cm
Tradescantia a. ‘Concord Grape’Small rich purple flowers.Bluish green foliage60cm
Tradescantia a. ‘Innocence’Pure White60cm
Tradescantia a. ‘Osprey’Pure white flowers with a fiffy blue centre50-60cm
Tradescantia a. ‘Zwanenburg Blue’Large blue flowers50cm