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Trailing Geraniums

Commonly used in hanging baskets, window boxes and large containers.  In our selection we have brought together a broad range of colours, from the beautiful deep burgundy red of Tommy to the delicate white of Ville de Dresden.  All do well in south facing positions as they soak up the sun.  

The Cascade Range – these are extremely floriferous, with self cleaning characteristics, they are very well branching, with large single flowers.

The Corriente Range these are brilliant, semi-double flowers, with a wide range of colours, they are well-branched and an good garden performance.

The Ivy League Range – these geraniums are exceptional for heat tolerance, they are strong branching, with a darker foliage than most, the broad range of core and novelty colours make Ivy-League the go-to range for growers.

 The Temprano Range, also excellent, are more compact growth, also semi-double and early flowering. Great for window boxes, baskets or containers.  

Grown in 9cm (3.5″) pots £1.59 each or 6 for £9.00 collected from the nursery.


Trailing Geraniums
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