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Zonal Geraniums

Welcome to the Mount Folly Zonal Geraniums Section! Please view our Zonal Geranium varieties for the coming season.

  • Americana Geraniums are Mid to Early flowering, with robust vigourous growth, Un-surpassed outdoor performance and attractive bicolour types.
  • Calliope Geraniums are Pelargonium Hybrid Generation, with large self-cleaning flowers. They are Extremely robust and heat tolerant.
  • Classic Line Geraniums has all the classic features of Pelargoniums that you would expect, they are very good branching, bright colours, robust and large flower heads, excellent outdoor performance even under less than favourable conditions.
  • Compact geraniums are tight spacing geraniums which buds open evenly at the same time and offer optimum packing. Compact growth.
  • Tango geraniums are compact, with a good flower to leaf contrast, very good branching and early flower response. These are bred for tight spacing.

Zonal Varieties are potted in 10.5cm (4″) Pots £1.85 each or 6 for £10.50.


Zonal Geraniums
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