Traditional strong growing petunia, having dense foliage and abundant flowering. Weather tolerant of both wind, sun and rain. Suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes or large containers.

Off the nursery in 9cm pots £1.59 or 6 for £9.00 IN STORE ONLY.


Surfinias tend to smother most other plants in the container, so are best planted on their own.


Series of early, free flowering, semi-vigorous petunias. Unique colours. No pinching. Good weather tolerance. Suitable for baskets and containers.


A vigorous series of strong double flowered petunias which have unique colours.

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  • Surfinia
  • Sanguna
  • Hybrid Petunia
  • Tumbelina


Surfinia Amethyst


Surfinia Blue


Surfinia Blue Vein


Surfinia Burgundy


Surfinia Deep Red


Surfinia Giant Blue


Surfinia Giant Purple


Surfinia Heavenly Blue


Surfinia Hot Pink


Surfinia Hot Red


Surfinia Lime


Surfinia Pink Vein


Surfinia Purple


Surfinia Sky Blue


Surfinia Victorian Yellow Impulz


Surfinia Violet

Surfinia White


Sanguna Cobalt Blue


Sanguna Deep Burgundy


Sanguna Deep Lavender Vein


Sanguna Hot Rose Vein


Sanguna Rose Vein


Sanguna Red


Amore Fiesta


Amore Joy


Amore King Of Hearts


Amore Pink Heart


Amore Queen Of Hearts


Aurora Banana Candy


Aurora Black Ray


Aurora Magenta Rim


Crazytunia Moonstruck


Mystical Midnight Gold


Sweetunia Fiona Flash


Sweetunia Johnny Flame


Sweetunia Miss Marvelous


Sweetunia Suzie Storm


Tumbelina Anna


Tumbelina Belinda


Tumbelina Candyfloss


Tumbelina Cherry Ripple


Tumbelina Damson Ripple


Tumbelina Diana


Tumbelina Francesca


Tumbelina Inga


Tumbelina Maria


Tumbelina Priscilla