Trailing Begonias

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More compact than ‘Illumination’. Naturally trailing habit with showy double flowers. Ideal for baskets, balconies and containers. Recovers well after rainy periods.

Colours of Tenella:

  • Pink – Candy-Pink Double Flowers
  • Rose – Deep Rose Double Flowers
  • Salmon-Orange – Rich Salmon-Orange Double Flowers
  • Scarlet – Bright Red Double Flowers
  • White – Clear White Double Flowers
  • Yellow – Rich Yellow Double Flowers


A true trailing variety having longer branches.  Some unique and strong colours. Ideal for baskets, balconies and containers.  Can trail up 60cm (24″).

Colours of Illumination Trailing Begonias:

  • Apricot – Beautiful Rich Burnt Orange
  • Golden Picotee – Frilled Mixture of Orange Shades Flowers
  • Lemon – Lemon Yellow Flowers
  • Light Pink –  Light Pink Flowers
  • Orange – Deep, Dark Orange
  • Rose – Rose Flowers
  • Salmon-Pink – Salmon-Pink Double Flowers
  • Scarlet – Bright Red Double Flowers
  • White – Clean, Clear White Flowers

Bossa Nova Begonia

Compact growth and well branching, abudant flowering till first frosts. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers and mass plantings. Drought and rain tolerant, thrives in full sun and shade. Grows around 20cm tall.

Colours of Bossa Nova Begonia:

  • Night Fever Papaya – Bright Orange Flowers With Darker Foliage
  • Orange – Dark Bold Orange Flowers
  • Red – Bright Red Flowers
  • Rose – Pink Rose Flowers
  • White – White Flowers
  • Yellow – Yellow Flower 
tuberous begonia trailing