Upright Begonias

Pinching off the single male flowers will encourage the large double female flowers to get even bigger!  They can also be stored over winter months to produce larger tubers.

Probably the best known tuberous begonia variety, having superb garden performance.  Good strong upright plants. 

Excellent in mixed baskets and containers, or when mass planted in the border.

Colours of Upright Begonias: 

  • Appleblossom – White, Tinged pink – Double
  • Apricot – Bright Apricot Flowers. Double
  • Deep Rose – Deep Rosy-Pink – Double
  • Deep Salmon – Dark Rich Salmon – Double
  • Orange (Swing) – Orange Paling In Centre – Double Compact
  • Pink Shades – Bright Vibrant Pink
  • Red – Bright Red – Double
  • Rose Petticoat – Frilly Rose And Paler Rose – Double
  • White – Clear, Clean White – Double
  • Yellow Red Back – Bright Yellow – Double
  • Mocca Bright Orange – Bright Orange Flowers. Dark Rich Foliage
  • Mocca Cherry – Cherry Red Flowers
  • Mocca Deep Orange – Rich Double Flowers Contrast Beautifully Against The Dark Foliage
  • Mocca Pink Shades – Bright Vibrant Pink, Dark Foliage
  • Mocca Scarlet – Deep Red Flowers. Dark Rich Foliage
  • Mocca White – Clear White Flowers. Dark Rich Foliage
  • Mocca Yellow – Bright Yellow Flowers. Dark Rich Foliage
tuberous begonia upright