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How To Grow Fuchsias Standards

Due to the long-term nature of training standards and subsequent costs, Fuchsia Standards have become harder to find.  However, it is very easy to grow your own and much cheaper too!  Here’s how:

Start with an un-stopped cutting with three sets of leaves.  Grow the cutting until it reaches the desired height and support the plant with a bamboo cane.

During this process, remove all side-shoots from the stem, but leave on the leaves at the top of the plant.  When the plant approaches the desired height, cease to remove new side-shoots.  At the point the desired height is established, pinch out the tip. (There should be only one).   Leave on 3 sets of side-shoots which will form the head of your new standard Fuchsia.

Pinch out the tips of the side-shoots.  These will then divide.  Continue to pinch out the tips of any new side-shoots to obtain a bushy head.

Make sure your supporting cane is above the top of the plant to give support to the heavy head of your Fuchsia standard.  Check the ties on the cane frequently, as the stem will grow thicker and stronger resulting in the ties becoming too tight.

If you choose an Upright Fuchsia, the head can be trained into an upright rounded shape.

If you choose a Trailing Fuchsia, the head can be trained into a weeping umbrella shape.

Standard Fuchsias are not hardy and must be given frost protection during the winter.

Fuchsia whips are available at the nursery in the spring. View our Fuchsia pages here.

For more information, please contact us or call the nursery on 01329 832294.

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