Million Bells Callie and Million Bells Aloha.  A total of 32 different colours!

These amazing plants will tollerate dry, sunny, exposed positions and are a mass of flower all summer long. Self cleaning so no need for dead heading. A great basket or tub mixer or why not try them just on their own!

Grown in 9cm pots £1.49 each or 5 for £6.99 IN STORE ONLY.


Varieties and Colours: Burgundy, Coral, Deep Yellow, Lavender, Light Blue, Mango, Orange, Orange Sunrise, Painted Pink, Purple, Rose With Eye, Strawberry, White, Eclipse Lilac, Eclipse Strawberry, Eclipse Indigo, Eclipse Sweet Peach. Double Blue, Double Mango, Double Rose, Double Yellow.

Aloha & Other Varieties

Varieties and Colours: Aloha Double Cherry Red, Aloha Double Lavender, Aloha Double Orange, Aloha Double Purple, Aloha Pink Cartwheel, Aloha Tiki Dark Pink, Bouquet Yellow Eye, Can-Can Rosies Apricot, Can-Can Rosies Pink Vein, Can-Can Rosies Sky Blue, Can-Can Rosies White, Candy Shop Candy Crush, Chameleon Double Pink Yellow, Hula Amethyst, Hula Gold, Hula Soft Pink, Volcano Neon,

million bells

Million Bells video