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General Patio Plants

This is just one part of of our patio plants range.  Please read below and watch out for links as they appear to species specific pages with our slideshows and variety availablity lists.



general patio plants

Additional patio plants Available at the Nursery


Varieties and Colours: Bidy Gonzales, Brasco Violet, Magenta Delight, White Delight.


Varieties and Colours: Surdaisy White.

Brachyscome, commonly called Swan River Daisy, is native to Western and South Australia. It is a compact, bushy, mounded, spreading annual. It features, fragrant, daisy-like flowers.


Varieties and Colours: Downtown Dallas, Miami Magic, Royalty & Santa Monica. Main Street Abbey Road, Fifth Avenue, Ruby Road & Wall Street. Stained Glassworks Crown Jewel, Le Freak, Magnificent Mile, Spacecake & Velvet.

 A foliage plant available in a variety of bright colours and bicolours.


Varieties and Colours: Sabatius.

Long trailing stems having Wedgewood Blue flowers. Can trail up to 1mt!


Varieties and Colours: Light My Fire, Sweet Talk Deep Pink, Sweet Talk Lavender Splash, Sweet Talk Red.

An excellent basket / pot plant which will make long shoots, suitable for a large hanging basket. Purple and Red combination that looks like little ‘mice’.

Diascia Flying Colours

Varieties and Colours: Antique Rose, Appleblossom, Deep Salmon, Light Pink, Orange, Red, Rose, White.

A tender perennial which does amazingly well in baskets and containers. Masses of small flowers in several colours. Flowers all summer long.


Varieties and Colours: Amelloides Variegata

A good foliage plant for pots or borders. Blue flowers. Tender perennial.


Varieties and Colours: Scentropia

Sweet summer colour, intensely fragrant, heat – loving colour. Densely branched and big blooms. The ultimate attractor for butterflies.

Lantana Bandana

Varieties and Colours: Cherry, Hot Pink, Rose, Yellow, White.

Lantana Bandana’s have compact mounding habit, they maintain a tight and dense mound. It is heat, humidity and drought tolerant.



Varieties and Colours: Goldii, Midnight Sun

Creeping Jenny’. Great mixer for baskets or tubs. Can also be used as a ground cover plant. Hardy perennial.

Nemesia Sunsatia

  • Cherry on Ice – Red and White
  • Papaya

Nemesia Sunpeddle

  • White Perfume
  • Yellow White


  • Amelie
  • Cream Surprise
  • Easter Bonnet

Nemesia Aroma

  • Plums and Custard
  • Rhubarb and Custard

Nepeta Variegata

Vigorous Variegated Foliage Plant.

Pale green and white foliage, can trail up to 1.5mts.

Sanvitalia speciosa

Varieties and Colours: Trailling Yellow

Creeping Zinnia – Baskets, pots, ground cover, front of border? Where ever you plant this it will do you proud. Compact growth

Scaevola Whirlwind

Varieties and Colours:  Dark Blue, Early Compact White

Fairy-fan Flower’. An unusual five-lobed flower, native to Australia. Rumour has it, it was named after an Aboriginal warrior who cut of his arm to prove allegiance to his chief. A lovely addition to any mixed basket or tub, as the arching branches support flowers along the stem. 

Solenopsis Isotoma

Varieties and Colours: Blue.

Numerous star-shaped blue flowers from spring to autumn. Tender perennial. Great in tubs or summer borders.

Strawberries trailing

Varieties and Colours: Cherry Blossom.

The clean and easy way of growing strawberries. Copious amounts of beautifully sweet fruit. Red or white flowers.

Thunbergia Alata

Varieties and Colours: Amber Stripes, New Orange, Rose Sensation, White Halo, Yellow Dark Eye

Also known as black eyed suzy.
Thunbergia alata is a soft, climber with many twining stems. The leaves are heart, or arrow-shaped, softly hairy and sometimes toothed. Many flowers are borne singly. 

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