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Large vibrant daisy-like flowers giving a spectacular show. Continual flowering all summer long. A fabulous patio plant for tubs or borders. Needs sun but will tolerate most soils.

This really is a plant we can’t seem to grow enough of. Every year we increase production and still don’t have enough ! That’s because they look spectacular in any garden. They will delight all who lay eyes on them. Soaking up the sun and flowering their hearts out! If they start to go flower shy just lightly trim them, and they’ll bounce back into flower!

They can be used in tubs or borders in any well drained soil. They must be kept frost free, and when established may be planted outside as soon as the cold nights have ceased.

Available at the nursery in 1lt (5″) pots £3.99 or 3 for £10. IN STORE ONLY.

Colours Available: 

  • Blue Bicolour
  • Kobalt Blue
  • Magenta
  • Magenta Bicolour
  • Pink Bicolour
  • Red Orange
  • Violet
  • Violet Bicolour
  • White

TIP 1:  Be brutal with your Senetti.
Cut them back frequently, and watch them branch off and bush out and come back with twice as many flowers.  A well bushed Senetti is spectacular.

TIP 2: Buy at least two plants!
Cut them back alternately so one of them is always in flower!

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